Aquarius Innovation Fund is a crossover fund investing at the crossroads of innovation and growth. We look for trailblazers and outliers across several industries that represent the wonders and benefits of the technological advancements of our age and are catalysts of the future to come to reality.


“The companies we select are meant to be resilient thriving enablers of a world were we can all enjoy and live with innovation at their core that are scaling regionally with a global potential, proven business and revenue models and that are at least closing a second investment round with an industry specific recognized investor leading the round”.

Our Four Pillars.

We want to contribute to building a future were technology enables everyone in society to have equal opportunities and benefits. The investment objective of the fund is to achieve returns through specialization in the private technology and innovation sectors mainly in fintech, e-commerce retail tech and deep tech while focusing on scalability, software over hardware, artificial intelligence, and sustainability.


Growing a business is one of the most important factors when looking at companies. We need to asses the size of the addressable market and the speed at which the company can grow, maintain quality and keep low opex to drive profitability.


Software solutions are at the core of companies that can quickly grow, address large amounts of people and seamlessly cross borders. Even though some hardware innovation may prove to be significant it requires a higher capex and industrialization.

Artificial Intelligence

AI applied to software as a service and internet technologies is enabling people to have access to services that enables them to get to their goals faster. Artificial intelligence should be responsible and can be used in benefit of mankind. We encourage companies to use transparency in how information is being gathered and processed.


Reserved for companies revolutionizing industries, services and technology for a better world and society. These are the companies that will shape our future as a civilization with integrity and responsibility.


Bindu Financial Group, our Investment Manager, is a boutique financial and corporate services group that provides investment services, advice and b2b solutions. The company has extensive knowledge in alternative investment funds, dealing in private market transactions and working with disruptive innovators in several industries.

Portfolio Companies

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