Investment Funds

Aquarius Capital is an alternative investment fund house investing at the crossroads of innovation, growth and sustainability. We are dedicated in promoting and creating investment strategies of curated groups of companies or assets that are making a difference for the future of the planet and society through technology and disruptive business models for as many people as possible.

Aquarius Innovation Fund



We analyze thematic and individual investment opportunities in different sectors. We prefer companies that support a green future through innovation and technology. We look for technology driven solutions to industry and focus were there is potential for new capital creation or industry transformation.

We are constantly engaging with CEO´s, founders and investors. We look for companies that develop disruptive technologies & business models that make them leaders in their field. We have a global network of partners through which we validate capital allocations. We look to offer thematic sectors of the economy and weigh in VC to value.

We are committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.